The Dance Connection
Mission Statement, Policies and Procedures
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Mission Statement

To teach the art of dance in a disciplined and loving way. To give students strong bodies to take through life by improving posture, strength, coordination and control. To encourage an appreciation for the art of dance. To develop a student’s pride and confidence in one's self.

Policies and Procedures

It is our belief that dance is a self-disciplined art and as such, each dancer is expected to participate in class with enthusiasm and dedication. Students should come to class prepared to learn, work, and enjoy the experience of dance. We understand that dancers may have other commitments; however, it is critical for students to attend as many classes as possible especially during the first few months of the new school year. These first months are review of skills, as well as building strength and flexibility in preparation for technique training to follow throughout the year. Missing all of this time is not appropriate and can be dangerous to the dancer. A dancer cannot miss every class for 2, 4, or 6 weeks and expect to maintain their skill level. The instructor will guide students through exercises and techniques. Equally important is their attendance once we have begun choreography for the recital (from March until June), as it will affect the entire class. It is difficult for non-professional dancers to learn choreography and then have to adjust their spacing or timing if the classmates around them keep changing due to absences. If other commitments in addition to dance require a balancing of schedules, this will only last for about six weeks. The commitment to dance should warrant equal devotion to that of other commitments of the same time period. A STUDENT THAT MISSES MORE THAN 3 CLASSES ONCE CHOREOGRAPHY BEGINS (FROM MARCH UP TO AND THROUGH THE RECITAL,) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RECITAL. As students mature however, it should no longer be necessary to remind them to use common sense and appropriate behavior, in consideration for their fellow classmates and instructor. We would appreciate parents reviewing the rules with their children most especially the dress code (#5), and general studio rules (#4). We look forward to providing students with an educational and rewarding year of dance and through mutual respect we can accomplish this goal.
If your child is going to miss a class, please call the studio to inform the instructor.
(410) 643-8346

1.) Tuition and Fee Information
Tuition is charged on an annual basis equivalent to the number of classes in which the student is enrolled, between the start of classes in September and concluding with recital in June. This yearly fee can either be paid in one lump sum or in 10 equal installments (the first payment due the beginning of September and monthly installments due at the beginning of each subsequent month). Each monthly installment, therefore, does not represent the number of classes held each month, but the total annual tuition divided into 10 equal installments. Payments are accepted through our new system of automatic deduction from your account via your debit card or credit card. If this is not possible for you, special arrangements must be made with Miss Meg. If you and/or your child decide to discontinue participating in classes, we MUST have 30-day written notification of your decision or tuition fees will continue to incur.
Payment Schedule
Installment #1 September 1st Installment #2 October 1st Installment #3 November 1st Installment #4 December 1st Installment #5 January 1st Installment #6 February 1st Installment #7 March 1st Installment #8 April 1st
Installment #9 May 1st Installment #10 June 1st
We do not reduce tuition for classes missed due to illness or other absence.
In the event that tuition payments are in arrears for more than two months, the student will not be allowed to participate until payment arrangements are made. The Dance Connection is always willing to help with a payment plan if needed, please ask.
There is a $15.00 registration fee for all students.
There is a recital costume fee. The costume cost will range from $60.00 to $70.00 per costume (depending on student’s age and class – older kids mean more material). This part of the bill must be paid in full by December 31, 2017. You may make partial payments during Sept/Oct/Nov or pay it in full. If you choose to make partial payments, please tell us how much of each payment is to be applied to the costume. Every class has its own individual costume. If your child is in two classes, then she/he will need two costumes, if you choose to participate in the recital for both. The recital costume is yours to keep. After December 31, 2017, costumes cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded.
There is a recital fee of $15.00 per student. This fee helps to offset some of the many expenses incurred to conduct a full stage production and must be paid in full by April 30, 2018.

2.) Arrival and Pick Up:
Please have students arrive in a timely manner in order to be ready when class starts. Due to the progressive nature of the classes, and the required warm-up to prevent injury, students arriving more than twenty minutes late will not be allowed to participate. Also note, that once a student sits out from class for any length of time, he/she will not be permitted to resume participation due to the need to warm up again once the muscles have cooled down.
Students should not wear dance shoes outside of the studios. The dressing room is provided for students to change into their dance shoes and to house their belongings while in class. Dance bags, street shoes, cell phones, etc. are not to be brought into the studios.
**Please DO NOT leave children unattended at The Dance Connection. If your
Child is in class you may leave and return for pick-up. Siblings and friends (not in a class) may not remain here without an adult. We do not have the staff or the space to provide a baby-sitting service. Please do not ask us.

3.) Holidays and Closings: The Dance Connection will be closed for the following holidays: Thanksgiving = November 20th – November 26th Christmas = December 25th – January 1st (Classes resume on January 2nd ) Easter = March 29th - April 2nd (Classes resume on April 3rd ) Memorial Day = May 29th
Classes will still be held on other holidays such as: Veteran’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and school conference or professional days.
Weather Closings and States of Emergency: The Dance Connection will also follow the Queen Anne’s County School System for weather and states of emergency closings. If schools close early or are closed for the day, we will not have class. If schools open late, we will have class. If in doubt, call us at 410-643-8346 or check the website

4.) General Studio Rules
No hanging on barre; talking (holding conversations) in class; no leaving class without instructor’s permission. Food is not permitted in our facility. Thank you!
Please use the dressing room for changing clothes and storing your dance gear. The office is a staff work area and cannot be used to hold student’s dance bags and other gear.
Tap shoes permitted only in Studio B. Ballet and Jazz shoes are allowed in all studios.
Please check the lost and found regularly…housed in the dressing room! We acquire a lot of stray STUFF! We do not like throwing away treasures!
NO CELL PHONES or iPods are permitted in any studio! Secure your valuables before entering class or better yet, leave them at home. Electronic devices or any other item of distraction brought into class will be confiscated by the instructor and returned to the student or their parent at dismissal.

5.) Dress Code: All Classes- No baggy clothing is permitted. If needed, students may wear leg warmers, fitted turtlenecks, dance sweaters, etc. for warmth. Hair must be secured away from face. No dangling earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Small earrings, rings, and watches are permitted. Ballet - Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and any color leotard. Tights are worn on the legs and leotards on the body. Intermediate/advanced students must wear long hair in a bun.
Jazz/Hip Hop - Any color leotard, bike type shorts, tan jazz shoes, and tan tights.
Lyrical - Any color leotard with footless tan tights
Tap - Pink or tan tights, tan tap shoes, and any color leotard.

6.) Observation:
Parents/siblings/visitors are requested to remain outside of Studios A, B or C while classes are in session. Observation windows are provided for viewing. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping distractions to a minimum. There is a Waiting Room for your convenience as well.

7.) Recital: (Is not mandatory but voluntary)
This year, we will hold our 33rd annual recital on June 9 & 10, 2018 at the Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College. Dress rehearsal will be on Friday, June 8, 2018. Each class will have a specific time for their practice on stage. The class will go directly from their stage rehearsal to a portrait sitting. By December, recital plans are in full swing and you will receive monthly updates. Please remember that at The Dance Connection, we consider the recital to be a very important event. The recital showcases your children’s talents and skills learned throughout the year and for which they have been diligently practicing. This is a major production with costuming, choreography, scenery, etc. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT EACH DANCER’S FAMILY IS MAKING A 3-DAY COMMITMENT TO THIS EVENT. EACH FAMILY MUST SIGN A LETTER OF COMMITMENT IN ORDER FOR COSTUMES TO BE ORDERED. We can only hope that you as parents realize your children’s excitement at being on stage, in costume, and performing along with their classmates. Observers backstage, can attest to the fact, that the students love to be on stage and wait eagerly even for the final bow.
We could not pull off this event without our parent volunteers. Three (3) backstage moms are needed per class, for both dress rehearsal and the performance days for all of the age 9 and younger classes. Age 10 and above will need two (2) backstage moms per class. This is necessary for the management of more than 200 students. Sign up to
be backstage one performance and in the audience for the other. Otherwise some moms are continually backstage for all three days and are stuck not being able to see the performance from the auditorium. Thank you!

8.) Summer Sessions and Camps:
Regular technique classes conclude with the recital. The Dance Connection has a limited schedule during the summer. We usually offer six- week sessions and also 5-day camps. This information will be available March 2018.

9.) Please send all correspondence to our mailing address:
The Dance Connection
204 Duke Street Stevensville, Maryland 21666 Studio office & Fax phone 410-643-8346
Email address
Visit our website for general information at

P&P Revised 8/9/17